Who Are The Sharks on Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a Primetime Emmy award-winning show currently airing on the ABC network. This reality show is based on the international hit Dragon’s Den and features successful business investors – Sharks, who take new business and product pitches from entrepreneurs across the nation, and decide whether to invest in them. Shark Tank featured products can be found on BestSharkTankProducts.com


The Sharks


The current season of Shark Tank features 6 business investors or Sharks. Here is a rundown of each investor.


Kevin O’Leary

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Kevin O’Leary is a successful Irish-Canadian businessman and investor. He started the educational software company Softkey in the 1980s. You might remember Softkey as one of the pioneering software companies to release software and games on CD-ROM. After O’Leary left Softkey he started mutual and investment funds, and as of 2014, these funds were worth over $1.2 billion. In 2006 O’Leary was one of the first investors to be featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den: a Canadian reality show following the Shark Tank format. Since 2006, O’Leary has worked on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank helping numerous entrepreneurs to start successful businesses.


Barbara Ann Corcoran

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Barbara Ann Corcoran is a successful American businesswoman from New Jersey. In the 1970s she started a successful real estate company, and was responsible for producing the annual Corcoran Report, which chronicled real estate trends across New York City. In 2001, she sold her real estate company for $66 million. Corcoran has been a primary investor on Shark Tank for 9 seasons and has invested over $5.4 million in successful deals.


Daymond John

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Daymond John is the founder and CEO of FUBU clothing. He started the company in his Mother’s house in the early 1990s. The Queens, New York business grew at John’s hand, and since its inception has sold over $6 billion worth of clothes worldwide. John joined Shark Tank in 2009 and has invested more than $7.5 million in new investments. Today, John continues to work on Shark Tank and has become a popular public speaker. His net worth is over $250 million.


Robert Herjavec

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Robert Herjavec is a Croatian-Canadian businessman and investor. In 1990 Herjavec started BRAK systems, a Canadian Internet securities company, which he sold to AT&T Canada in March 2000 for $30.2 million. Since then he founded the Herjavec Group, one of Canada’s fastest growing tech companies and one of the countries largest IT securities businesses. The Herjavec Group has continued to grow, increasing Harjavec’s net worth to over $250 million. He has been a member of the Shark Tank panel since the first season and has made many key investments with the show’s entrepreneurs.


Mark Cuban

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Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor. He founded MicroSolutions, and in 1990 sold it to CompuServe for $6 million. He then went on to found Broadcast.com, which he sold to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion of Yahoo! stock – the largest deal of its kind. Since then, Cuban has become the owner of NBA franchise the Dallas Mavericks and Magnolia Pictures, a popular film distributor. Cuban has placed on the Forbes Rich list at No.211 in 2011.  Cuban has been a member of the Shark Tank panel since 2011 and has invested more than $19.9 million.


Lori Greiner

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Lori Greiner is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is most famous for her series of inventions and prototype products that have sold on the Home Shopping Network and QVC. Her work with these TV stations has earned her the nickname ‘The Queen of QVC’. She has featured, as an investor on Shark Tank since 2012, and her investments are well known as some of the most lucrative in the show’s history. Greiner has a net worth of over $250 million.