Easy Steampunk Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Are you a fan of  Steampunk? If you are going to a convention or if you are only throwing your cosplay party, then it would be good for you to don your best steampunk cosplay outfit. Whether you are new to cosplaying or been doing it for years, this list will be able to give you quick and easy steampunk cosplay and costume ideas.

1. Steampunk Military

One of the most popular steampunk cosplay outfits is the military character. How can you dress up as an army officer from the steam-powered era? Just look for military outfits and add some details so that you can change them so that they fit the genre. Dracula Clothing carries some epic military steampunk military items.

To start with, you should place some metallic accents along the clothes of your militant outfits. While gold is good, rusty bronze or copper metals are even better. Once you finish adding details to your military outfit, make sure that you know how to play the part too.

2. Steampunk Inventors

The steam-powered era was filled with brilliant and famous inventors. When you think of this time, you are also thinking about great inventions that helped change the world. Make your character an obvious one by wearing an inventor outfit.

There are a lot of steampunk inventor looks that you will be able to find on the internet. If you see the similarities between them, you will be able to conclude that they all don their trademark goggles. Add realism to your steampunk cosplay by using the steampunk goggles that would highlight your look. Find out how to make your steampunk inventor costume here.


Bend The Genres

If you think that steampunk cosplay means that you are only in a limited type, then you should think again. The steampunk genre is actually a very flexible one. In fact, it would work well with genre mixing. From games like Zelda to movies like Harry Potter, it can be easy to add a steampunk accent to another genre. 

1. Disney and Steampunk

Whether you are planning to be Cinderella or Peter Pan, you can easily have a steampunk cosplay with Disney characters. It is easy since you simply need to replace some of the puffy clothing with metallic pieces.

Add some fierce charm to the originally cute characters of Disney once you represent them with your steampunk cosplay. If you are planning to be Snow White, instead of a normal apple, why not choose one carved out with metals? There are many ways for you to transform into a steampunk Disney character.

2. Star Wars and Steampunk

Steampunk does not only extend its genre-bending with cartoon characters. You can also convert your favorite fictional characters into someone who will easily fit the steam-powered era. From your lightsabers to your dresses, you can easily add a touch of steampunk to it.

Only replace some of the regular clothes and items with something more metallic. In fact, how about instead of making a lightsaber that only lights up, it also have viewable cogs that move? The possibility is endless. You would have much fun transforming the genre that your favorite Star Wars character belongs to.

Remember to accessorize your steampunk cosplay costume with watches and sunglasses. Steampunkartifacts.com is a good source for such items.

Whatever you choose, remember to have fun and mix things up to make your costume truly unique.…