White Is The New Black

There is an entire branch in the decorating world devoted to colour – how to use it, what each one means, colours to avoid, what colour shirt will guarantee you a successful interview… the list goes on. What is often overlooked is the enduring appeal of “white”. It is a perfect backdrop for any décor style and colours stand out more when white is your basis from which to work.

White is a far cry from the sterile doctor’s room label. Nothing else says clean and fresh and is the chosen base for many a sunny residence. It is almost expected that a seaside home will be painted white with blue accents.


But you can put your own individual stamp on your beach house and throw the opinion of the latest trend-setting magazine right out the window.

BeachRedBlack BeachYellow

Certain colours can date quite quickly and if you live with one colour too long there is a strong possibility that you will tire of it sooner rather than later. Having to repaint your entire house or the room which you’ve grown to dislike can be quite costly.

Paint finishes follow trends as well – the speckle of one year has to be replaced by the ripple the next; gloss one year has to be replaced by matt, otherwise you will be seen as being tardy in your décor trend following.

Accenting with colour becomes less expensive and you can change those pieces virtually every season or every time you change your mood. Any colour, whether it is muted or bright, will pop more when seen against a white background, be it a wall, chair or bed cover.

However, decorating is all about breaking the rules in a stylish way. Throw the rule-book out the window and bring in unexpected brights.

WhiteYellowBeachYellowBeachRed1  WhiteGreen

Of course black paired with white never loses its style and there are numerous décor pieces that will lift any room.



Image retrieved from Emfurn.com


Image retrieved from Emfurn.com

Coloured lighting provides unexpected ways of bringing colour to your white background and create the mood you cannot do with a set colour. And of course it is much cheaper to change the colour of a lightbulb than a wall colour.

BlueLight GreenLight PurpleLight

Not many people are brave enough to combine chrome and metallics with white, but done with style, has the ability to lift the room from drab to classy with just a few additions.

Chrome2 Chrome1 Chrome3